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Food Safety

Regulation (EU) 2019/6 - Implementing Acts

  • Uniform rules on the identification code for the packaging of a veterinary medicinal product (Article 17 (1))
  • List of the abbreviations and pictograms common throughout the Union to be used in the packaging of a veterinary medicinal products (Article 17 (2))
  • Rules on the size of small immediate packaging units (Article 17 (3))
  • Functioning of the work-sharing procedure for variations (Article 65 (4))
  • List of substances which are essential for the treatment of equine species, or which bring added clinical benefit compared to other treatment options available for equine species and for which the withdrawal period for equine species shall be six months (Article 105 (5))
  • Model format for veterinary prescriptions (Article 105 (8))
  • List of substances used in veterinary medicinal products authorised in the Union for use in food-producing terrestrial animal species or substances contained in a medicinal product for human use authorised in the Union which may be used in food-producing aquatic species (Article 114 (3))