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Food Safety

Regulation on the ban of cat and dog fur

The ban on cat and dog fur applies in the European Union since 31 December 2008 and was introduced by Regulation No 1523/2007.

The Regulation bans the placing on the market and the import to or export from the Union of cat and dog fur and products containing such fur.

The ban was adopted in order to address the concerns of European citizens, who consider cats and dogs as pet animals, and therefore do not want to buy products containing fur from cats or dogs.

Cat and dog fur is not easily distinguishable from other types of fur or synthetic material used to imitate fur. This is in particular the case when fur is used as lining or ornament on clothes (e.g. collar of a coat) or on toys or accessories (e.g. key rings with furry animals).

Implementation of the Regulation

On 13 June 2013 the European Commission adopted a Report on the implementation of the ban of cat and dog fur, which:

  • gives an overview on the implementation of the ban on cat and dog fur in the EU during 2009 and 2010

  • describes the enforcement measures put in place by the Member States

  • provides an overview on the methods of analysis used by the Member States to identify the species of origin of fur and on the penalties applicable in case of infringements

  • highlights the main implementing issues signalled by stakeholders and Member States to the Commission

  • reports the impact of the application of this Regulation as perceived by the main stakeholders.

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