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Food Safety

About the group

In March 2022, the new thematic sub-group on the welfare of pigs was established within the EU Platform on Animal Welfare.

The sub-group on pigs aims to provide technical expertise and opinions to the Commission on the ways the Union's instruments can be adapted to improve the welfare of pigs at farm level. This includes taking into account the latest scientific evidence, the objective to phase out sow stalls and farrowing crates and to avoid mutilations, and the need to make the legislation enforceable.

The discussion will be of a consultative nature, as part of the Better Regulation consultation process prior to the preparation by the Commission of a legislative proposal revising Directive 2008/120/EC and Directive 98/58/EC.

The composition of the working group is available in the Register of the Commission expert groups.

Meetings 2022

27 June – Third Meeting of the sub-group on welfare of pigs

  • Agenda (coming soon)

19 May – Second meeting of the sub-group on welfare of pigs

31 March – First meeting of the sub-group on welfare of pigs