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Food Safety
Nyhetsartikel9 november 2021Generaldirektoratet för hälsa och livsmedelssäkerhet

10th meeting of the EU Platform on Animal Welfare

On 10 November, Health and Food Safety Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, will address the participants of the 10th meeting of the Platform on Animal Welfare, the first one under the Platform's new mandate.

The meeting will allow members to discuss the on-going work of the Commission concerning the revision of the EU animal welfare acquis by 2023, announced in the Farm to Fork Strategy. In this context, the Platform members will be informed of the progress of the Fitness Check of the EU animal welfare legislation, which is a preparatory step for its revision. The Commission will also present the Inception Impact Assessment roadmap, published in July 2021, and the feedback received from stakeholders and the public (almost 1000 replies in total). The meeting will also allow discussion on the future legislative options with the reactions from a group of Member States, NGOs and representatives of farmers. Furthermore, the Platform members will be informed of the Commission's commitment in response to the European citizens' initiative "End the Cage Age" to phase out and finally prohibit the use of cages for the species of farmed animals covered by the initiative. The agenda of the meeting includes also the presentation by the Commission of the new working methods to be applied to the revision of legislation. Concretely, the creation of six thematic sub-groups working on contributions to the revision of specific chapters will be proposed (pigs, poultry, calves/dairy cows, transport, animal welfare labelling and slaughter/killing).

Other initiatives of the Commission relevant for animal welfare and the sustainability of food production will also be presented.

The one-day meeting will be web-streamed (from 09:30 CET).

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9 november 2021
Generaldirektoratet för hälsa och livsmedelssäkerhet
Directorate Health and Safety