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Food Safety


Grants may be awarded to Member States for emergency measures against pests, in order to:

  • eradicate a pest from an infected area;
  • contain a pest;
  • provide additional protection against the spread of a pest.

Emergency measures

Useful information

Following the entering into force of Article 18.1 (d) of Regulation No 652/2014 on 1 January 2017, the Commission Implementing Decision C(2016)159 laying down the procedures for the submission of applications for grants and requests for payment, and the information relating thereto, in respect of the emergency measures against plant pests referred to in Regulation (EU) No 652/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council was amended; for co-funding of emergency measures implemented as of 1st of January 2017, the new financial and technical templates to be used by the Member States are available below:

Previous financial allocation by MS / pest (2004-2017)


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