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Food Safety

About the export library

The Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety has established an online "Export library" in order to facilitate officers in the EU Member states when issuing export certificates.

This concerns assistance either with respect to harmonised export certificates agreed between the EU and the third country of destination and made available by the Commission via TRACES - Trade Control and Expert System, or, in the case of Ukraine, via Comparison tables identifying similarities between EU legislation and Ukrainian legislation reflected in the latter’s generic import certificates.

As regards the harmonised certificates, the Export library provides information on SPS requirements that go beyond EU requirements and must be fulfilled for exports to the third countries concerned.

At this moment, this site contains information as regards the certificates for Canada and Ukraine.

Comparison tables are prepared per generic UA import certificate, of which the full list is made available on the Ukrainian website. They identify, per requirement listed in the certificates that refers to UA legislation:

1) which UA legislation this concerns;

2) where it can be found;

3) EU legislation to which the UA requirements resemble (and often originate from);

4) differences, if any. For these differences, specified in the final column, reference is made to annexes that are herewith published too

Currently, the export library lists SPS requirements for EU exports to Canada and Ukraine but it may be expanded over time.


SPS requirements for EU exports to Canada


SPS requirements for EU exports to Ukraine