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Accessing the system and training resources

These pages explain how to gain access to the PPPAMS and provide further useful training resources.

For information about access profiles and rights of users, please refer to the Setup Guide for PPP users. You can also watch the videos below for detailed instructions on how to access the system.

Accessing the System

All users must create an account before being able to access and use PPPAMS. Creating an account is a two-step process:

Step 1: Create your EU login account


Click to see Tutorial video

If you don't already have an EU login account, clicking on the following link will allow you to Create an EU login account.

Step 2: Requesting access to PPPAMS

The access process involves selecting the application you wish to gain access to (Plant Protection Products), selecting your organisation and selecting a user profile (Applicant/ Consultant/Member State).

A user access profile, allows the system to provide or restrict access to products and applications based upon the organisation you belong to as well as your role within the system.

Selecting the correct organisation is therefore very important in setting up your account properly to ensure only you and your colleagues see the appropriate information.

A request for access can be made here.

User access profiles

Applicants – Industry users

Requesting access

Industry users can register their products within the system and launch applications for these products within different Member States.

They can grant access to other users within their own organisation, to sub-organisations and consultants.

In order to help clarify the process, two short video tutorials are available to explain how industry users should request access.

The first video is relevant if your organisation has not yet been set up in PPPAMS, or if you wish to create a new sub-organisation to an existing one. The first requestor will normally be given rights as a local administrator, enabling further access to colleagues to be granted.

The second video is relevant for users who are applying to an existing organisation.

The videos show you all the steps you need to complete to set up your user access profile successfully.

Applicant - Industry users - Create a new organisation


Click to see Tutorial video

Applicant - Industry users - Organisation already exists


Click to see Tutorial video

Applicants – Consultant users

Consultant users have similar access rights to industry users but access within the system is restricted based upon the organisation that is selected. Access is normally provided by the industry user that they are working for – it is advised that consultants discuss with their clients how they should apply for access as the arrangements will differ between companies and their consultants. A consultant organisation cannot be a standalone organisation - it must always be linked to an industry organisation in some way (either the consultant user applies for access to the industry organisation directly or to a sub-organisation which can be created either by the industry organisation or the consultant). If a consultant works on behalf of multiple industry organisations, a request for access to each organisation must be made.

Consultants - How to request access


Click to see Tutorial video

Member States/ National Competent Authorities

Member State users with local administered rights can grant access to others within their Member State organisation. Member States use PPPAMS system to process and manage applications submitted by industry or consultant users.

MS - How to request access


Click to see Tutorial video

Management of users, organisations and notification settings

The following video explains how organisations (including sub-organisations) can be set up and also explains the steps that local administrators must take to validate new sub-organisations and process requests for account set up for access to PPPAMS made by colleagues.

Setting up organisations and validating requests for access


Click to see Tutorial video

Setting up the correct hierarchy for your organisation is important so that the correct users can see the necessary information in PPPAMS. The following video explains how hierarchies can be created and how they work. It also explains how to establish your notification settings in PPPAMS so that you and your colleagues receive the correct messages for action and information in line with your needs.

Managing hierarchies and notification settings in PPPAMS


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