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Food Safety

The Zoonoses Monitoring Directive 2003/99/EC improved the system for monitoring and collection of information on zoonoses, in place since 1992, through better data comparability, cover of additional zoonoses, of antimicrobial resistance and of foodborne outbreaks.

The annual reports of the EU countries and the Community summary reports, jointly prepared by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) are available here.

EU countries should accordingly report annually the results of the following monitoring:

Results of the monitoring to be provided by EU countries on a yearly basis

MandatoryAccording to epidemiological situation
Brucellosis and agents thereofViral zoonosesCalicivirus
Campylobacteriosis and agents thereofHepatitis A virus
Echinococcosis and agents thereofInfluenza virus
Listeriosis and agents thereofRabies
Salmonellosis and agents thereofViruses transmitted by arthropods
Trichinellosis and agents thereofParasitic zoonosesAnisakiasis and agents thereof
Tuberculosis due to Mycobacterium bovisCryptosporidiosis and agents thereof
Verotoxigenic Escherichia coliCysticercosis and agents thereof
Antimicrobial resistanceToxoplasmosis and agents thereof
 Bacterial zoonosesBorreliosis and agents thereof
Botulism and agents thereof
Leptospirosis and agents thereof
Psittacosis and agents thereof
Tuberculosis other than that by Mycobacterium bovis
Vibriosis and agents thereof
Yersiniosis and agents thereof

The results of epidemiological investigations of foodborne outbreaks must also be reported by EU countries.