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Food Safety

Resources for plastic recyclers


This page concerns the implementation of Regulation (EU) 2022/1616 on recycled plastic materials and articles

This page provides resources and information for the recyclers of plastic FCM and other actors involved in the supply chain of recycled plastic FCMs, including converters.

This page is updated regularly before and after the entry into force on 10 October of Regulation (EU) 2022/1616. So, please check it regularly for new information.

Register and Registration

From the entry into force of the Regulation (expected first week of October) this section will hold the Register established under Article 24.

Several provisions require registration, particularly of recycling installations, of the recycling facilities where these installations are located, of recycling companies, of recycling schemes and of novel recycling technologies. Recyclers are strongly encouraged to register recycling installations and recycling schemes without delay.

Registration numbers are required in compliance documentation from entry into force.

Please register by completing the online forms (1, 2 and 3) accessible on this link

  • Form 1 - Recycling installations:
    To obtain a Recycling Installation Number (RIN), please consult the example provided (completed registration form for recycling installation).

  • Form 2 - Recycling facilities:
    To obtain a Recycling Facility Number (RFN), you must first apply for a recycling installation number (RIN). Only one form should be sent for multiple recycling installations within the same facility. In this view, please check and confirm all the installations located at this facility. Please see the example provided (completed registration form for recycling facilities).

  • Form 3 - Recycler:
    Before requesting a Recycling operator number (RON), please register for a recycling installation number. Please prepare and coordinate the registration internally in the recycling company before registering. Only one form should be sent, even if you are registering for multiple recycling installations or facilities operated by the same recycling company. Please see the example provided (completed registration form for recycling companies).

  • Form 4 - Recycling Scheme Managers: (online form not accessible at the current stage)
    Please also include the Recycling operator number (RON). (Please note that recyclers participating in the scheme should register their recycling installation independently using the above forms. Where the scheme manager is also the recycler, they both need to register the scheme, the installation, the facility and the operator). Please see the example provided (completed registration form for recycling schemes).

  • Form 5 - Novel technologies:
    Register your Novel Technology.

Watch this website regularly for updates to the register and check it for correctness. Inform us by resending the form without delay if incorrect. During the first weeks after entry into force, we expect many registrations. Therefore, it may take some time before updates are processed and questions are answered. Sending reminders will not facilitate this process. If known and applicable, please put RECYC0XXX number in the subject.

Please note that Regulation (EU) No 2022/1616 also requires notification of the competent authorities of the territory where the respective entity (installation, recycling operator, etc.) is located. Below you can find the addresses of competent authorities in the Member States.

The register of authorised recycling processes will be published here as soon as the first recycling processes have been authorised (This will be at least all processes for which EFSA published an opinion by the end of October 2022 and for which all data is confirmed); this is expected within a few months after the entry into force of the Regulation.

For additional questions regarding the online forms, please use

Please see the Privacy Statement

Templates for Annex II and III

Please find templates in .docx format that can be used to prepare the CMSS and Declaration of Compliance. Language versions, which may be required in some Member States in particular of the CMSS (Annex II) are available in the section below.

Annex II, Annex III.A and Annex III.B

Guidance on the use of the templates: guidance to Annex II and III

Member State specific information and language versions of templates

Correction to Regulation (EU) 2022/1616

Please note that Article 31(1) omits an important date. This provision is therefore subject to a corrigendum; the relevant sub-sentence should read as follows:

‘…or for which an application is submitted in accordance with Articles 17(1) or 22(1) of this Regulation at the latest on 10 July 2023 may be placed on the market until the applicant withdraws its application…’

Please consult the corrigendum for the complete corrected wording of Article 31(1).

Other resources

Complete guidance on the application of the Regulation is being developed, and will be published following a discussion with Member States and stakeholders. Publication is not expected before 2023 as the guidance will be written taking account of the first experiences with the implementation of the Regulation.


The Commission accepts questions on the implementation of the Regulation. In case you have a question, please be specific, provide sufficient technical information and where applicable quote relevant provisions of Regulation (EU) 2022/2016 and/or from the available guidance. Please send such questions to with in the subject ‘recycling’. This address should not be used for registration.