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Food Safety

Implementing regulation and guidance

RASFF Regulation

Commission Regulation (EU) No. 16/2011 lays down the implementing measures for the Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed. It stipulates the duties of the RASFF network members and defines the different types of notifications. It provides for a 24/7 on-duty permanence of the system and tasks the Commission with verifying the RASFF notifications and informing third countries. The Regulation introduces exact deadlines for EU countries (48 hours) as well as the Commission (24 hours) for transmitting alert notifications.

RASFF standard operating procedures (RASFF SOPs)

The RASFF SOPS are a document written by the RASFF network members to complement the RASFF Regulation. They provide guidance and best practices for the operation of the RASFF. The previous version for the RASFF SOPs and its translations is found here.

These SOPs are supported by working instructions (WI) with practical details on how certain parts of the SOPs should be implemented. Finalised working instructions are available in the next section.

RASFF SOPs – associated working instructions (WI)

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