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Food Safety

RASFF consumers' portal

Launched in June 2014, the RASFF consumers' portal is a consumer-friendly internet tool providing latest information on food recall notices. It includes also public health warnings issued by food safety authorities and food companies. By using this free tool, EU consumers are able to identify food that has been flagged in the system allowing them to make more informed choices.

In the RASFF consumers' portal, users get access to practical information on product recalls and public health warnings in any given EU country. For example, a British consumer on holiday in Cyprus will be able to consult the portal to get up to date information on whether any products have been flagged in Cyprus or a Finnish consumer may check latest notices before doing their weekly shopping in Finland.

By selecting any EU country, the user can view the list of recent notices provided by EU countries or business operators on consumer recalls. The information can be consulted in the "Published" section of the portal. After a four week period, notifications will be removed from portal. Portal features will be further developed and improved based on users' feedback.

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