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Food Safety

Inspection of imported plants and plant products

Compulsory plant health checks are carried out on all plants and plant products coming from non-EU countries (listed in Annex V Part B) for:

  • Phytosanitary certificates and documents to ensure the consignment meets EU requirements;

  • Identity to ensure that the consignment corresponds to the certificate;

  • Inspection to ensure the consignment is free from harmful organisms.

EU countries collect a fee for the documentary, identity and plant health checks to be paid by the importer or their custom's representative.

Identity & plant health checks at the place of destination

Identity and plant health checks (excluding the documentary check) may be carried out at the ‘place of destination’ with the agreement of the plant health authorities responsible for the point of entry and the point of destination . The authorities must have approved an importer beforehand.

Consignments moved to a place of destination for identity and plant health checks must have a 'plant health movement document'. Such material can only be released after a satisfactory plant health check.

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