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Food Safety

Administrative Assistance and Cooperation Network (AAC)

About AAC

The Administrative Assistance and Cooperation Network (AAC) allows authorities to share information with or request support from the authorities responsible for the same matter (e.g. veterinary controls) in another Member State, including carrying out investigations into business operators of that Member State. The AAC has been successfully used over the years within the European feed and food legal framework.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/1715 (the IMSOC Regulation) sets out how the AAC operates, as part of the Alert and Cooperation Network (ACN). In each Member State, the ACN single contact point (SCP) covers both RASFF and AAC. Member States may also add the Agri-Food Fraud Network (FFN) contact point to this SCP for improved coordination between RASFF, AAC and FFN.

The AAC members notify non-compliances that concern any potential violations of the legislation but do not present a risk which would require a notification in RASFF. They seek assistance from other members as necessary for their investigation, possibly making specific requests towards other network members by sharing their notifications within the network through iRASFF, an IT platform designed for that purpose and managed by the European Commission.

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