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Plant reproductive material study is online

In November 2019, the Council requested the Commission to submit a study on the Union’s options to update the legislation on the production and marketing of plant reproductive material (‘PRM study’). Furthermore, the Council called on the Commis

In the past decade, there have been numerous new technical developments in the breeding and seed production sector, which can only be partially addressed or not addressed at all, with the tools of the existing legislation. This development has been accompanied by a growing demand for sustainability in agriculture and the increasing need to support conservation of agro-biodiversity and adaptation to climate change. The PRM study has identified these new challenges and confirmed the continued relevance of certain key problems identified in an evaluation of the legislation, which was carried out in 2007 – 2008.

The PRM study presents policy options to make the legislation comprehensive, uniformly applied, efficient and effective, more open to integrating new developments, more sustainable and supportive of biodiversity, and climate-proof. The Commission intends to adopt a legislative proposal reviewing the current legal framework, taking due consideration of the outcome of an impact assessment. This initiative would contribute to the priorities of the Green Deal, and the Farm to Fork Strategy, the Biodiversity Strategy, and EU Climate Adaptation Strategies.

The Commission will gather views on the proposed follow-up engaging with the European Parliament, the Council and stakeholders in wide-ranging outreach activities.

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