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Food Safety

TRACES modules and features

Modules available in TRACES

The TRACES platform is divided into modules which accommodate different workflows designed for the issuance of certain official certificates and documents that are required on the basis of EU rules on the sanitary and phytosanitary policy area. This area is under the competence of DG SANTE. Over the recent years, TRACES has expanded to other policy areas in order to accommodate additional certification schemes and modules supporting the needs of other Directorates-General (DG AGRI, DG ENV, DG MARE, DG TAXUD). Further information about each module can be found under the respective headings.

Modules of other Directorates-General integrated in or interconnected to TRACES

DG AGRI policy areas

DG ENV policy areas

DG MARE policy area

DG TAXUD policy areas

Other features and interfaces

Establishment Listings

TRACES manages the list of EU establishments and operators approved by Member States’ authorities. The lists are available to the users of TRACES with a simple search function for faster results and the data is synchronised in real time with the data available in the main operators’ menu of TRACES.

The lists can be accessed directly from the "Publications" tab of the TRACES platform or by using the following links:


BOVEX is a web-service linked to TRACES which allows for the automatic exchange of identification data of bovine animals across the different national databases connected to it.

The objective is to digitise the data, save time and avoid errors while introducing the data into national databases upon reception of cattle. The list of Member States exchanging identification document data through BOVEX is the following:

Belgium, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Spain