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Food Safety

Workshops and Grants


  • In 2023, the Commission provided 5-year grants to 6 Member States (Austria, Estonia, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia) to hire additional staff to reduce the delays in the approval of active substances and authorisation of plant protection products. The countries will maintain or achieve a full cost recovery system.


  • Workshop on the Zonal Authorisation Procedure – Improvement and Development (ZAPID), 5 to 7 December 2023, Braunschweig (DE) - Agenda - Report
  • Workshop on possibilities to increase availability of PPPs, 26 October 2023, online - Report
  • Workshop Specific Protection Goals for the Environmental risk assessment of PPP – moving on with the EFSA method, 3 - 4 February 2020, Brussels (BE) - Report
  • Workshop on Risk Mitigation Measures for Pesticides, 17 January 2020, Brussels (BE) - Report
  • Workshop on Zonal Evaluation, Mutual Recognition and Re-authorisation, 2-4 June 2015, Dublin (IE) - Report