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Food Safety

EU register of health claims

About the EU register

The EU Register is for information only, showing:

The Commission will update the EU Register when required, namely upon adoption of EU decisions on applications for claims or on changes to conditions of use and restrictions.

Register of Health Claims

The search tool only allows searches for health claims*, and not nutrition claims.

*Health claims for which protection of proprietary data is granted (and for which the right of use of the claim is restricted to the benefit of the applicant) can be filtered out in the EU Register using the filter “Protection of proprietary data granted” set to “Yes”.

Please note that some of these health claims have been moved to the general list (Q-2010-00966, Q-2010-00784, Q-2012-00002, Q-2013-00832, Q-2014-00403), as the restriction of use for the benefit of the applicant has expired and the health claims may be used, in conformity with the conditions applying to them, by any food business operator.

Health claims for which protection of proprietary data is granted, are authorised for the restricted use of the applicant for a period of five years after the entry into force of the relevant legal act. At the expiry of the five-year period, this restriction should be removed so that the health claim may be used, in conformity with the conditions applying to it, by any food business operator.

Such authorisations of claims for the restricted use of the applicant, do not exclude the authorisation of the same claims in case they are based on data and studies other than those for which protection of proprietary data has been granted in accordance with Article 21 of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006.

You can download the complete dataset of Health claims in Excel format from the portal

Claims not in the EU Register

A number of submitted health claims do not appear in this EU Register:

This section provides details on:

  • Claims based on new scientific evidence and/or including a request for the protection of proprietary data - Article 13(5)
  • Claims referring to the reduction of a risk factor in the development of a disease - Article 14(1)(a)
  • Claims referring to children's development and health - Article 14(1)(b)

The Commission makes publicly available comments it has received from applicants and the public (according to Article 16(6) of the Regulation) until it makes a decision on the relevant health claim.

Processing of personal data is handled according to Regulation (EC) No 45/2001 and a specific privacy statement

You can see health claims for which a decision has been taken upon in the EU Register