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Food Safety

Expert group

Aims of the group

  • Advise the Commission on issues relating to Veterinary import controls legislation, their implementation and development
  • Exchange information, experience and good practice on Veterinary import controls covered by EU legislation.

Tasks of the group

  • Assist the Commission in defining policy and preparing draft legislative proposals;
  • Give expert views to the Commission on all aspects of veterinary import controls legislation and guidance in developing a harmonised approach for both Member states and Stakeholders.

See Commission Register of Expert Groups for information on this group – Code E02699.

Summary Reports of the Expert group meetings

Meetings - 2022

Meetings - 2021

Meetings - 2019

Meetings - 2018

Meetings - 2017

Meetings - 2016

Meetings - 2015

Meetings - 2014

Meetings - 2013

Meetings - 2012

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