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Food Safety


Codex Committee on Residues of Veterinary Drugs in Foods

26th Session

Portland, Oregon, United States of America - 13-17 February 2023

European Union comments on:

25th Session

Virtual - 12-16 and 20 July 2021

European Union comments on:

  • CL 2021/02-RVDF on the recommendations for the further steps on the use and maintenance of the database on countries’ needs for maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs in foods.
  • CL 2021/05-RVDF on the principles and procedure for the parallel review of a new veterinary drug by JECFA and national regulatory agencies.

European Union reply to:

  • CL 2020/42-RVDF:
    1. The approach for the extrapolation of maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs to one or more species.
    2. The proposals for MRLs based on the approach proposed for extrapolation of MRLs to one or more species.
  • CL 2020/17-RVDF: "Maximum residue limits for veterinary drugs".

24th Session

Chicago, United States of America, 23-27 April 2018

European Union comments on:

  • Agenda Item 6.2: Proposed draft MRLs for amoxicillin (finfish fillet, muscle); ampicillin (finfish fillet, muscle); flumethrin (honey), lufenuron (salmon and trout fillet), monepantel (cattle fat, kidney, liver, muscle) (CX/RVDF 18/24/6).
  • Agenda Item 10: Discussion paper on the evaluation of the rationale for the decline in new compounds to be included in the ccrvdf priority list for evaluation by JECFA (CX/RVDF 18/24/10).
  • CL 2016/41-RVDF: Priority List of Veterinary Drugs for Evaluation or Re-evaluation by JECFA
  • CL 2017/72-RVDF: Draft Risk Management Recommendation (RMR) for gentian violet
  • CL 2016/38-RVDF: Proposed draft MRLs for lasalocid sodium, ivermectin and teflubenzuron at step 5/8
  • CL 2016/39-RVDF: Proposed Draft RMR for Gentian Violet at Step 5

23rd Session

Houston, Texas, United States of America, 17–21 October 2016

European Union comments on:

  • Agenda item 5: Proposed Draft RMR for gentian violet at Step 3 (CL 2015/14-RVDF, Part B).
  • Agenda item 6: Proposed draft MRLs for ivermectin, teflubenzuron and lasalocid sodium.

22nd Session

San José, Costa Rica, 27 April – 1 May 2015

European Union comments on:

  • Agenda item 3: Matters Referred by the Codex Alimentarius Commission and other Committees - Codex Strategic Plan 2014-2019 (CX/RVDF 15/22/3).
  • Agenda item 6c: Proposed draft MRLs for derquantel, emamectin benzoate, ivermectin, lasalocid sodium and monepantel (CX/RVDF 15/22/6) and 'concern form' from for Lasalocid sodium.
  • Agenda item 6d: Proposed draft RMRs for dimitridazole, ipronidazole, metronidazole and ronidazole.

European Union reply to: