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Plant Protection Products Application Management System (PPPAMS)

What is the PPPAMS?

The PPPAMS was developed by the European Commission to enable industry users to create applications for PPPs and submit these to EU countries for evaluation. EU countries then manage these applications within the system, concluding with authorisation of the PPP or refusal of the application.

The system is designed to support EU countries in fulfilling their legal obligations under Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009, notably Article 57(1) and (2).

The objectives of the PPPAMS are:

  • harmonisation of the formal requirements for application of PPPs between EU countries.

  • streamline mutual recognition of authorisations for PPPs between EU countries to speed up time to market.

  • improve the management of the evaluation process for authorisation of PPPs.

  • deliver correct and timely information on authorised or withdrawn plant protection products to stakeholders.

How does it work?

The system allows applicants to create and manage applications and submit these to EU countries for evaluation. Please see the pages on 'Procedure to apply for authorisation of a PPP' for details of how the PPPAMS is linked to the overall application process.

Authorisations issued by EU countries are stored in the system and made available through a database.

Video: The road to authorising a PPP


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