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Food Safety

Multi-language versions of brochures and guidance

Language Brochure: Food Contact Materials EU Guidance on plastic materials (Regulation (EU) No 10/2011) Declaration of compliance on import of polyamide and melamine plastic kitchenware from China and Hong Kong
EU Guidance on information in the plastics supply chain
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български (bg)

(bg) (bg) (bg) (bg) (bg)
čeština (cs) (cs) (cs) (cs) (cs) (cs)
dansk (da) (da) (da) (da) (da) (da)
deutsch (de) (de) (de) (de) (de) (de)

eesti (et)

(et) (et) (et) (et) (et)
ελληνικά (el) (el) (el) (el) (el) (el)
english (en) (en) (en) (en) (en)  
español (es) (es) (es) (es) (es) (es)

français (fr)

(fr) (fr) (fr) (fr) (fr)
hrvatski (hr) (hr) (hr)   (hr) (hr)

italiano (it)

(it) (it) (it) (it) (it)
latviešu (lv) (lv) (lv) (lv) (lv) (lv)

lietuvių (lt)

(lt) (lt) (lt) (lt) (lt)

magyar (hu)

(hu) (hu) (hu) (hu) (hu)
malti (mt)   (mt) (mt) (mt) (mt)
nederlands (nl) (nl) (nl) (nl) (nl) (nl)
polski (pl) (pl) (pl) (pl) (pl) (pl)
português (pt) (pt) (pt) (pt) (pt) (pt)
română (ro) (ro) (ro) (ro) (ro) (ro)
slovenčina (sk) (sk) (sk) (sk) (sk) (sk)
slovenščina (sl) (sl) (sl) (sl) (sl) (sl)
suomi (fi) (fi) (fi) (fi) (fi) (fi)
svenska (sv) (sv) (sv) (sv) (sv) (sv)